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Performance Improvement Opportunity

Ensure effective and efficient implementation of a new, completely reengineered, firm-wide tax preparation process for corporate clients.

Client Background and Challenges

Large, distributed workforce...more than 30,000 professionals, 1,800 partners, and 150 field locations.
Defining performance improvement (behavioral) objectives.
Current systems and practices for preparing corporate tax returns were inefficient and not standardized throughout the firm.
Significant competitive edge could be obtained by streamlining tax return preparation and standardizing all activities.
Required that new and experienced tax professionals identify additional opportunities for client service by performing most tax preparation activities at the client site.

Performance-Based Solution...Innovative Learning's Role

Consulted with client's restructuring team and identified key strategies and competencies for training all professionals in the new tax preparation system.
Developed a comprehensive, performance improvement training strategy and plan.
Designed all participative training programs and materials for all new and experienced tax professionals, and a practical coaching process to ensure continuous skill development. Training system included:
- E-learning study materials
- Comprehensive simulations
- Workshop modules with extensive 'hands-on' practice
- Videotaped case studies
- Self-learning materials, reference guides and job aids
- Comprehensive coaching systems
- A complete Train-the-Trainer system.

Results Achieved

Successful training of more than 3,000 tax professionals in seven weeks.
Complete firm-wide utilization of the new, standardized tax system.
Achieved return on investment objective in less than 14 months.

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