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Performance Improvement Opportunity

Ensure successful implementation of a comprehensive restructuring of all purchasing and accounts payables functions and systems to achieve projected savings of $45 million in three years.

Client Background and Challenges

Leading financial institution with more than 2,000 field offices and dozens of centralized/headquarters locations.
Restructuring involved a fully integrated, computerized system linking more than 25,000 suppliers, client field staff, centralized financial operations, purchasing teams, accounts payable departments, etc.
Client engaged a leading consulting firm to manage the restructuring process, working closely with internal client project teams, and required comprehensive performance improvement systems and materials for all target groups involved with the restructuring.

Performance-Based Solution...Innovative Learning's Role

Developed comprehensive training plan for initial and ongoing development of dozens of different client target populations.
Developed 15 major participative training systems and programs, custom-designed to meet the needs of each target population.
Trained client and consulting firm teams to implement the training system.

Results Achieved

Successful design, development and implementation of all training within the client-required, seemingly 'impossible' eight-week schedule.
Complete and effective transition to restructured financial system and department operations. Progress towards $45 million in savings is well under way.

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