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For more than 30 years, Innovative Learning has been developing critical core competencies for client positions. In the 'early days', we called these 'job profiles'.

Process Overview

We have developed a practical, INEXPENSIVE way to identify core competencies. The approach involves focused brainstorming sessions with small teams of client executives and managers.

Using a time-tested strategy, teams develop the critical competencies for key positions. These competencies are then refined and finalized through further reviews by client management.

The approach has often been compared to much more elaborate and expensive strategies and clients tell us it has consistently yielded equal, and far more practical, core competency definitions at a fraction of the cost.

Client Benefits

This simple, time-tested strategy is...

Extremely accurate.
Inexpensive...far less costly than other approaches.
Flexible...can be tied to self-assessments and 'menus' of practical, educational experiences from which managers select those that best fit their needs.
Transferable...clients can use the same process to identify core competencies for other positions.

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