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Comprehensive Cost Analysis

Innovative Learning has developed a unique framework for analyzing all 'line item costs' associated with designing, implementing and administering training programs.

This comprehensive analysis divides training costs into hundreds of individual cost elements; it is perhaps, the most thorough and detailed cost analysis system available.


Current training program costs (and/or anticipated costs of planned training) are grouped into many major cost categories, sub-categories and specific line item elements; major cost categories include, but are not limited to, costs associated with:

Determining current and future human resource needs and competencies.
Defining performance improvement objectives.
Identifying all potential program delivery formats and options, including blended approaches.
Determining program development and/or acquisition strategies.
Designing or acquiring pre- and post-program training.
Identifying and selecting facilities and sites.

...And several other major cost categories.

This data serves as the foundation for streamlining your organization's training and development strategy, or for reducing the costs of a single performance improvement program.

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