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Competency-Based Workshops and Seminars
Complete design of unique, practical, action-oriented workshops that focus on client-specific objectives. Simulation and other highly participative techniques are used to ensure that participants hone specific skills.

Highly Interactive, Blended Training Designs
Custom designed, client-specific, computer-based/intranet-delivered e-learning for individuals or small teams. Full integration of text, video, audio, performance tracking, etc.

Practical Simulations for Training...in All Media
Unique, client-specific, action-oriented, computer-based or non-computer-based simulations in all media.

Short-Term, Strategic and/or Program Planning Consultations
Brief, one or two-day, focused brainstorming sessions with client teams for many purposes...developing an overall training strategy; defining the framework for a specific human resource development system or program; reviewing the quality of an existing or planned training program to strengthen its effectiveness.

Self-Learning Systems...in All Media
PC-based, or non-computer based, audio and video supported self-learning systems that ensure effectiveness by achieving specific, competency-based objectives.

Training Systems to Support Reengineered Processes (EPSS)
Complete EPSS for restructured client processes, designed jointly with restructuring teams, to ensure that target populations are properly trained.

Unique, Field-Managed Systems
Cost-sensitive, custom design of small group, field-implemented programs for all personnel...administrative support, operational, manufacturing and certainly sales populations.

Comprehensive Cost Analyses
Comprehensive analysis of human resource development costs to streamline training and development activities and reduce costs.

Interactive, Video-Based Programs
Custom design of videotapes and video-based systems combined with other media that ensure consistent knowledge and skill objectives are achieved.

Proposal Writing - Outsource It to Us
We've been writing effective and comprehensive proposals for our 'Fortune 500' clients for more than three decades. Outsource your proposal writing to us with complete confidentiality.

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